Kadoma Straight


The Kadoma straight is CEKR’s tried and tested whitewater paddle. It is robust in construction, but precise in use.

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Blade design

The Kadoma straight blade design offers a unique combination of no flutter in the forward stroke, very smooth sliding strokes and a stable back stroke. It is powerful yet predictable. The voluminous blade feels light in the water, and an added bonus is that it floats high if you should part company with it. All these attributes make it the perfect blade for running whitewater. It can be used for playboating, but it really comes into its own when threading smooth lines down complex rapids.


The Kadoma straight blades are carefully constructed with a composite mixture of carbon fibre, different types of glass and a tough epoxy resin, making it extremely tough and durable.

The Kadoma straight shaft is made of thick-wall fibreglass. It is not the lightest shaft on the market, but it is tough and durable.

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182cm, 185cm, 188cm, 191cm, 194cm, 197cm, 200cm, 203cm, 206cm, 209cm


0°, 15°, 30°, 45°


Carbon straight, Glass straight

‘Kadoma’ is the nickname given to the late Hendri Coetzee from Ugandan locals; it means ‘traveller’ in one dialect and ‘bravery’ in another. Hendri was a close friend of mine, and his untimely death left a huge void in my own heart and also in the whitewater community. I chose to honour Hendri’s memory with this blade design, which I’m sure would bring a smile to his face wherever he is riding the dragon’s back right now.