MAJI: Recreation / touring paddle

Meaning: The Maji paddle gets its name from the Swahili word for water. This encapsulates what the Maji paddle is all about as it is equally suited to inland lakes and dams, easy rivers and the ocean.

Blade design: The Maji is the smoothest operator in the world of plastic paddle blades. It is flutter-free and predictable. It is smooth in sliding strokes, and powerful in bracing. The Maji works for any distance of paddling where the toughness of the blades is a factor. It is the perfect paddle for those who want finesse and durability, without excessive spend. The Maji works for high and low angle paddling styles, with a slight preference for a higher angle.

Blade construction: The Maji is injection-moulded from Nylon 6 with a glass fill, to make it extremely tough with just the right amount of flex.

Shaft options: The Maji comes standard with a carbon/glass shaft, which offers relatively good stiffness, yet with enough flex to prevent overuse tendonitis.

Options currently available:

  • Lengths: 195cm / 200cm / 205cm / 210cm / 215cm / 220cm / 225cm / 230cm
  • Feather Angle: 0-deg / 15-deg / 30-deg / 45-deg / split shaft