Choosing paddle length & feather angle

Choosing the length and feather angle of your paddle can be a daunting exercise, with many variables to consider. However, most of these variables are rather irrelevant if you’re not an experienced paddler as it takes time to get to know your own preferences. If you’re just starting out, I offer the following recommendations as a starting point.

For choosing the feather angle:

Unless you are a serious paddler with years of experience with a different angle, you’ll likely be comfortable with a 15° feather. It’s an easy angle to get used to, and probably the least likely to cause any issues or injuries.

If you want a much more in depth explanation of feather angles, read this article I wrote on the subject.

For choosing the length:

Several factors determine the length of paddle you should use, but the most important are your height and the width of the craft you’re using. Below is a guide that I’ve put together to help you get started.