The Omo is CEKR’s low angle touring paddle. Smooth and light, it works best for a flatter, more horisontal paddle style.

195cm / 200cm / 205cm / 210cm / 215cm / 220cm / 225cm / 230cm

0° / 15° / 30° / 45° / split


Blade size
515mm x 165mm, 630cm²
Origin of the name
The Ichibi gets its name from the Xhosa word for lake, or big expanse of water.
Split option: Available (with Kajak Sport ferrule unit, offering free feather and length adjustment)

Blade and shaft design

CEKR’s touring paddles are all about stability in the forward stroke, and the Ichibi is no exception. It is flutter-free and 100% predictable. It is also super smooth in sliding strokes, and very stable when used for bracing. The voluminous blade feels light in the water, which makes a big difference when covering long distances on the water. This blade is ideal for long distance paddling, and the profile is unique in the sense that it works well for both high angle and low angle paddling styles. Whether you want to do some serious training or just go for any easy jaunt, the Ichibi will take care of you.


The Omo blade is carefully constructed with a composite mixture of carbon fibre, different types of glass and a tough epoxy resin. This combination makes it light yet durable.

The Omo comes standard with a carbon/glass shaft, which offers relatively good stiffness, yet enough flex to prevent tendonitis from overuse.